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Branding is everything.

It's all about the brand

Your perception of your own brand is usually skewed to the favorable.

Symbiotic Design has been a brand that is all about conceptualizing and creating other brands that we design, develop, promote, market, manage and protect in order to grow businesses.  But, not all advertising is marketing, and not all marketing is promotion.  Your website, for instance, is not supposed to act like an advertisement, it is there to champion your marketing message and promote goodwill throughout your community as an active stakeholder in how well it fairs.

The Brand

"The brand is everything."

I cannot say that any clearer or often enough, your brand is not your company name or logo, it is who you are, as perceived by the community you service.  

That definition includes more than the customers and clientel you service, because you are branded as a business by the local community as well as the worldwide global audience that visits your website.  

The first place a brand starts is at home, with you.  Your attitude is contagious when you arrive at work and you represent an example of the positive personality you expect in your staff, who in turn reflect that light in others, and hopefully your same attitude is reflected to your customers.

But, we can't "only hope" that it does, as the guardian of your brand it is imperative that you ensure that your company is branded with a positive reputation by the customers, clientel and the very community it serves through education, policies, compliance, friendliness, helpfulness and honesty.

We manage and protect our brands by consulting with our clients and educating their entire workforce about exactly what a brand is, because, again, it is not a logo or company name, it is how the community you serve brands your company's reputation.  It therefore is imperative that we protect that reputation by treating everyone fairly, with respect, dignity and kindness.  

Marketing the Brand

It isn't enough to say you are the best, anything you say you have to be able to back up, preferably through your past performance, or through introductory product specs, customer testimonies or .

America is going through a strange time, where politicians and corporations are both effectively kicking people in the teeth and lying to us while hoarding coffers of outrageous wealth.

I am saddened to say that my industry has gone mad, and now marketing professionals are not only skirting truth in advertising laws, they are downright breaking them.  

This situation has become incredibly worse as marketers are armed with personality profiles specifically tuned to each and every individual, seeing them only as cash cow consumers and violating all standards of privacy we once held dear and protected.

This type of marketing is absolutely disgraceful, and has even invaded politics through lobbying and campaign.  There was a time when it was absolutely essential that we not only followed ethical standards, but morally, as well.

Take note though, that history does repeat itself, and we will soon return to sanity.  When that day comes, the brands that have betrayed our trust will pay dearly.  Unfortunately, all they are experiencing now is a slap on the wrist as they try to push boundries beyond intended limits.

For that very reason, until the industry returns to morality and ethics, Symbiotic Design only markets its own brand portfolio. 

Because the Brand is Everything

We choose not to facilitate enterprises that we see as insecure, privacy intrusionists, dismissive or unkind.

This includes, but is not limited to such organizations such as Facebook and Google that have not only identified themselves as organizations that are disrespectful poor marketing facilitators that take every liberty and loophole in their quest to secure private user data and process it as psychological consumer profiles on each and every individual so that they can easily identify which buttons to puish, they have also proven themselves incapable of that securing that very same personal data,

We care about our brand.  But each month marketing entities such as Facebook are being breached or are caught herding people like cattle through complex user interfaces without a thought of ever informing or protecting them, and they expressly do not care or they would have fixed the situation before they even started.

Google is just as guilty, offering rrewards for using its services and then shutting down the accounts just as the rewards come due, claiming a violation of some obsure guideline in its user contract that never occurred.  Or dismissing a vital business coupon just as it becomes time to use it, without any warning what-so-ever (I guess those $100 USD credits weren't free after all).

These are just a couple of examples of poor players in the game.  Yet, these companies are powerhouses in advertising.  It's hard to go against such 800 pound guerillas when they are both also using and abusing guerilla marketing and user experience methods that are ideally designed to confound, confuse, delay and dismiss the user as a pesky complainant they would rather see go away altogether.

Well, the problem there is that we actually care about the people we service and protect.  And until such a time that the Google advertising monsterosity is proven the shady spammer it is, until it is no longer required to have a business profile on Facebook, there isn't much a design and marketing entity with class that cares about its customers, users and community, such as Symbiotic Design, can do to combat these real life attrocities as the invasion of personal privacy and protections remains unguarded do to world governments inability to access and solve these devisive and fear mongering episodes by such corporate entities that are completely without a soul of any kind.

Conversely, Symbiotic Design is a wholly owned property administrated and managed by a God-fearing man with a very critical eye, yours truly, Doug Peters.  

So until things get set right, I have no choice but to retire.  This site will likely be busried in the back pages of Google's search, and I left my Facebook marketing presence, brands and groups in early January of 2019.  I cannot deal with such betryal and a government that thinks soulless corporations are more important than its own people. 

Because our brand is our everything, and we will not betray our clientel's trust.


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