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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Symbiotic Design FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Symbiotic Design is a full-on brand identity conception, creation, marketing and protection agency. We are a full featured intellectual property education, management and promotion company offering nearly everything required to canonize your business as a positive force in the minds and hearts of the community you serve.

We specifically specialize in the persona, branding, intellectual properties and marketiung requirements necessary for establishing a postive impact on the community you serve.

Intellectual property are abstract objects that your company owns and protects in your effort to gain trust and market share. Examples of intellectual properties are company names, Trademarks & Service Marks, personas and even characters your business may employ, certain metodologies, specific marketing terminology, your business plan, even your employee guidelines/handbook.

Other very important abstract objects include your business or process names, domain names, logos, websites, your style guide, and other branding icons, even "look and feel" objects, representative visual cues and positive recognition tools your establishment may employ.

We not only help you conceive your brands and reinvent yourself as required in growth and age, but we teach you how support the positivity required to enhance your brands.

Simply, Symbiotic Design is a full featured brand conception, creation, implementation, marketing, protection and education agency.  We cannot ensure your brand is positively employed and protected if we cannot create an appropriate marketing message, and we require that your entire operation understand what branding is and how to create the best brand experience for your customers, otherwise, because branding is everything you do, we cannot assure a positive outcome without cooperation.

You wouldn't want to be branded as a difficult business just because you are different or ahead of your time, you need someone that can not only understand your message and get it out there, you need someone that can shine it up, put it in a great light and then showcase it properly so that it can sparkle and command the attention required by the community served. 

We are the creatives and thus, we take creative control. We were educated for it and we will protect you from terrible branding mistakes.  

Do you know that unless a person is art educated and commercially aware, statistically they will invariably pick the worst design when given multiple concept choices? 

We won't let our clients make those mistakes.

If you are looking for any assistance with your intellectual properties, brands, domain name choice, web host choice, custom website design or development, social media, search optimization, promotional advertisements or marketing campaigns, please visit our Support page here for guidance or Contact Us directly.

If you are looking for technical help with one of ouir domain name registration services, or with our web hosting brands, please visit the brand with which you need assistance.  Examples are... For assistance with a Domain Hostmaster domain, service or product (such as Managed WordPress Site with Hosting), see the Domain Hostmaster website for our FAQ, to start a Support Ticket, or for the correct number to call our Domain Hostmaster dedicated support team's hotline 24/7.  If you need assistance, for example, setting up the free SSL encryption certificate on your Corporate Web Hosting account at HD Web Hosting, see the HD Web Hosting website in order to direct you to the right solution, to start a Support Ticket, or to call us at the Proper Support number (24/7) with the correct host ID. If you need help registering a domain name with Domainance, you would visit and visit the knowledge base or contact us using one of the available tech support numbers given during the hours of operation given there.

Remember that when updating information on one website, that info does not always get immediately updated on other websites.  As we are running over 20 full fledged business websites, it doesn't make sense for use to offer support for each brand at Symbiotic Design, only support for Symbiotic Design clients and customers.  Therefore, if you need support for our independent budget website design service through Salamander Design, see Salamander Design's website for support.

For brevity, a linked list of all our brands will be listed at Symbiotic Technologies to assist you in finding assistance with your branded service:

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