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Brand Conception, Strategy Creation, Design, Development, Implementation, Promotion, Optimization & Marketing Support 

For technical support with domains, hosting, web servers, Wordpress, security encryption certificates, backups, virus scanning, email accounts or system tech support, please see our technology division at Symbiotic Technologies.

Part of the reason this support page exists is because often our work depends upon the approval of an authorized party from our client's business.  As an example, we cannot deliver a backup of a new website we create for you if you refuse to allow us to add the final touches, such as a web page header hero image slider animation.  The web site won't be backed-up until the project is compete from our end so that we can deliver the final project on media.

That said, you do have backup options through the web host.  No matter which host you choose, there are always options we recommend, such as...

Use privacy protection on your domain to avoid spammers grabbing your email address or other contact info.

Get a hosting account one size bigger than what you think you need.

If you will require a WordPress based website, the Managed WordPress solution is often best, as it's automatically updated regularly.

Sign-up for internet security & backups after you establish your website on your chosen hosting platform.

Always setup an (SSL/TLS) encryption Security Certificate to secure your website and email transactions (as soon as possible).

Set-up at least 1 dedicated IP for your hosting account before going live (often bundled with the aforementioned encyption Security Certificate).

These are good things to consider getting with any hosting or web server package, even if you do not use our own hosting options.

Any brand project that remains awaiting input or approval for a year or more from the designated authority of your business will be deemed abandoned and no refund will be due for services not rendered since we count on your input and approval to move forward.  

(more to come...)

Symbiotic Design enlists research, science, technology and art to create an active, positive and friendly brand that people can respect. We also leverage web crawler & search optimization to create a site without obstacles to search engines (without trying to manipulate them) using common sense strategies that they will over time adopt. The resulting efforts are then much more easily and effectively marketed as a vital community resource in both traditional and new medias.

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