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We Don't Promise the World

Who can afford the world anyway? We cater to small business. Don't get fooled...
There is much more to search optimization than empty promises.

There are plenty of agencies out there promising you a great design, but with no actual site optimization for the web crawlers.  Instead, they rely on your advertisements to get the word out about your products and/or services.  We think that this kind of neglectful design is a full-blown tragedy and a complete rip-off.

There are also agencies out there that will promise you that your website will be on the first page of Google, but then they take out an advertisement listing in Google Adwords for a day or so and declare that they have done the job.  That is a scam.  An advertisement is not the same as an organic listing.

And I will readily admit that there are agencies out there that design better or optimize for search better.  But few do both well and give you an original site with unique content in a static web presence, or on an easily adminstrated & updated Content Management System (CMS) at a genuinely decent price.  We do.

Although design is an art and search optimization is a science, the two are not even the only elements required for a brand, its web design and marketing strategy to be an effective package.

It really isn't about the site design, the web development, the optimization or marketing, the real package uses all these elements and a great deal of research to accomplish a web presence that looks good, with original, entertaining content that offers a unique perspective.

Search optimization on its own cannot be effective. You can type all the keywords you want and if they don't make sense, you will lose your audience rather quickly, and the search engines will take note.

You can design a fascinating animated site and web vistors will be impressed with your design, but leave quickly if there is no actual content to take in.

Furthermore, a boring site with great content that doesn't impress looks boring and unprofessional.

These are not good things for a web presence. But then, in order to grow a brand, we already know that we have to consider the whole picture, not just a snapshot.

If you can inform, entertain, and honor your web visitors, you have a much better chance of retaining not only their attention, but also their respect and trust.

After all, if a web surfer even just stumbles across your website and doesn't respect it, how are you going to build trust in your operation?

Symbiotic Design only takes on brands that allow us to do the total package, because if any of these ingredients are missing, the marketing message will suffer.

So while we don't actually offer search optimization for the search engines, we optimize your brand both online and offline so that it will offer content and materials that complement each other.

Please note that we do not pander to the search engines at all.  Bing and Google notice when a site on the web is built specifically to appease them, and will lower the rankings when they see the humans it was supposed to be built for bounce back to the search results because the message really wasn't meant for them.  And as the search engines see this behavior repeat, the website in question will lose significance and authority on the search keywords entered and be ranked lower over time.

We use a common sense approach to optimization. We build easy-to-use friendly web pages with original content that are accessible and look good on multiple devices.  And then we teach our client how to update it on a regular basis (without effecting the design, at every chance possible).

And although optimization is only a cog in the total package, understand that all these elements work together to produce a complete brand.  

Yet, always remember that this is all about positively promoting the brand that is your business and nothing else really matters (other than family).

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