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I have been creating fonts for years, now. Even though I am presenting my efforts on multiple sites, I need to be clear how integral type is to many brand logos, Yet, typography isn't just about creating a typeface, it is about how it is employed in your designs. Even web page designs. Because...

Branding is everything.


Typography & Fonts from Doug Peters (last updated May 20th, 2020)

Typography is the art of designing textual based content using type combinations that assist the reader by communicating a feeling or mood. This is a common art used throughout the world in books and magazines.  This same art and the psychology behind it can be used to communicate positive and professional impressions from viewers realizing or even interacting with it the very first time.

Just as we see a typeface as elegant, we can use fonts to communicate strength, playfulness, happiness, seriousness, youth and many other abstract moods, concepts and feelings.

I sometimes design a font just to address the abstract ideas and feelings I want to address to find solutions in creating a logo, as well.  

Branding starts whether or not you have a company name, store or website.  But it becomes relevant with a name, and that name becomes branded with how the community you serve perceives you and your business.  Design allows us to add a positive spin, holding the name in a new light, and logo design allows us to create an iconic image which is easily recognizable.  The logo doesn't have influence, good or bad.  But it becomes a representation of how your people and services, internal and external, associate with your company and brand it.  That is why we use pysochology and research to associate things positively, and it all starts with the typography or icon used throughout a brand.

I have been designing brands and websites since before 1996.  I have had the best fine arts education you can get without actually getting the Bachelor's degree at Augustana College (now Augustana University).  I designed my own logo when I was 14 and have been designing them ever since.

Typography can be the foundation of a logo.  Or it could be a graphic image.  But the company name, how it is seen, how  the text or graphic is employed for your name brand, displayed in your documents and presentations, is also influential.  Make it a positive first step, even before the logo, in addition and complementary to it, invest in good fonts.

By invest, I mean time.  There are many great freeware fonts available.  I even happen to have designed a few.  Take a look through my freeware font catalogs.

I am starting to venture out into commercial digital typeface creations, now.  It isn't easy, there are a great number of seemingly unknown rules to building a font, and I tend to push some of those boundries.  Check out some of my stuff...


TrueType & OpenType font software repository with freeware & shareware fonts that are OK for commercial use. Big web fonts selection. Double-check the included licenses, We don't kick-out personal use fonts, but we don't look for them, either.

Official Font Distributions

My Font-Journal (freeware/shareware font repository) hosts most of my official freeware font distribution release archives. This particular link shows my own current list of freeware and private use releases, giving a basic character set sample of each.

Fonts & Web Fonts by DP

Archive of the promotional material associated with my fonts, that acts as an index to the various distribution channels I employ.  Also includes links to my font groups, tools and resources. Think of it as a DPFonts & typography directory.

Font Designer Profile

This is my font design and development profile on FonStruct, a free, easy and fun way to create your own modular vector based (and optionally pixel) fonts online. Here you can check my profile, easily access my fonts, or start your own designer account.


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